TeeBox Golf Check in Kiosks Well-Received at PGA Show 2014

The Golf Check in Kiosks by TheGrint Group were met with praise and a high level of interest at the recently PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Florida. From club professionals and course owners, to general managers and golfers themselves, the excitement around this product was obviously throughout the week.

TeeBox is a Golf Kiosk that allows golf courses to automate the process of checking in golfers prior to their round. These Check in Kiosks can be integrated with P.O.S. and tee sheet systems to create an easy-to-use interface that will save golf shop both time and money. The time saved by automating the task of checking in and paying for a round of golf can be used by staff providing guests with more quality, one-on-one customer service.

The feedback from the PGA Show was overwhelmingly positive, and came from all areas of the golf business. Course owners were excited at the prospect of needing less staff to manage busy times of the day, while still being able to offer customers the service they require. General Managers and golf professionals liked the idea of being able to get staff out from behind the counter in an effort to up-sell more merchandise off the shop floor along with the tee times that golfers are paying for. Lastly, the average golfers loved the idea of coming in to the shop, pressing a few buttons to pay for the round, and being on their way. On busy days, the line in the pro shop can get to be a long wait, so golfers are looking forward to being able to put this technology to use for themselves.

With such a positive experience at the Golf Show behind them, TheGrint Group is excited to continue on with this technology and get the Check in Kiosks placed in more and more shops around the country. Golf courses who are looking for that next edge over the competition might just find it in the innovation and efficiency that the Golf TeeBox kiosk has to offer.

IMG_3303TeeBox PGA 2014

The Impact of Technology in Golf Course Management

It seems that all areas of modern life have been affected by the technology revolution over the past decade and more – yet many golf courses operate in much the same way that they have for the last century. If golf is to compete and keep up with the changing times, it will need to adapt in a number of different ways. From using technology to streamline maintenance and care procedures, to improving the check-in and payment process, the sky is the limit for what technology can do to improve the game we love.

What was your experience like the last time you checked in for a round of golf? If you played on a busy weekend morning, the chances are good you did a fair bit of waiting before you were able to pay and be on your way. Unless you arrived well in advance, this delay might have cost you time that could have been spent hitting some range balls or rolling a few practice putts. The last thing anyone wants to do when coming to the course for a great day on the links is stand around for ten minutes staring at the back of the golfer in front of you.

To improve on this process and remove the wait from checking in at the course, technology can be put to the use. The TeeBox kiosk for golf courses is an exciting new product that is able to take payments, recognize customers, and even identify local residents for a lower rate. Rather than waiting in a long line to speak with a course employee and pay for the round, a golfer can walk up to a check in kiosk, find their reservation and pay for the round, and head out to the range. This kind of self-check in integration is seen in many grocery stores today and can say on payroll costs in addition to improving the golfer experience.

This kind of freedom for the golf shop staff will allow for more one-on-one sales and assistance of customers – rather than just playing cashier. When golfers are able to have their questions about products answered more quickly by staff that isn’t tied up at the counter, they are more like to make purchases and speak well about the pro shop as a whole.

There is no reason that technology can’t be a driving force in moving the golf industry forward, and TeeBox golf kiosks and tee time software can be at the front of that revolution. Once a player experiences a check-in that takes around 45 seconds to complete, they will never want to go back to the old method again. Golf courses who are able to stay ahead of the curve and successfully place convenient technologies within their shop will have an inherent advantage over those that lag behind. Check in kiosks are sure to be seen at golf courses all over the country in short order, and TeeBox is leading the way.

TeeBox Check in Kiosks Launches at the PGA Expo

On August 20th TeeBox was successfully launched at the PGA Expo Las Vegas. The Venetian Hotel housed thousands of people related with the golf industry from August 20th  to 22nd  where more than 200 golf companies presented their latest equipment, apparel and accessories.

TeeBox’s debut had a very positive impression in the golf community and golf course operators. Attendees had the opportunity to test live TeeBox  Golf Check in Kiosks and experience the easiest and fastest way to pay and get ready to play.

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Stay up to date with Golf Innovation

Have you noticed how these days everyone pays in automated kiosks? In Airports, Movie theatres, even supermarkets. These kiosks are there not only because they are quicker and save money on staff, but most importantly because it makes customers happy.

So why don’t you see ticket kiosks on golf courses?  Do you think that only big organizations can afford automatic ticketing?

Maybe that was true once but it is NOW possible to have a simple, affordable, automated kiosk in your clubhouse or out on your first tee.

TeeBox Golf Check in Kiosk is just that.

Studies show that customers actually prefer to use an automated kiosk and TeeBox Check in Kiosks can be customized to do any task in addition to paying for existing tee reservations. Like selling a sleeve of balls, range balls, or even checking if the customer is a city resident that qualifies for the local rate.

But most importantly, the employees at the proshop will be doing value added activities instead of swiping credit cards, while customers experience shorter lines and in less than one minute will be happily headed to the driving range.

With TeeBox Check in Kiosks facilities will be saving thousands, increasing side sales and improving customers’ overall satisfaction.

It looks good, takes up less room than a cashier but it doesn’t go to the rest room, never takes lunch or gets grumpy and it allows to sell tee slots 24 hours a day.

TeeBox Check in Kiosk from Grint Solutions …..for any golf course it’s …….just the ticket!